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The academic objective of this trip is to expose the young women to successful women in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings.  The goal is for women to learn, not from books but from women who have been there what it takes to be successful.   

A secondary goal is to create a network of support for women – in essence to provide them with a circle of mentors that they can draw on for advice and support as they move through school and launch their careers.


See the future

Meet with women who are changing the world – both through their entrepreneurial enterprises and by breaking the glass ceiling in the corporate world.

Learn the lessons that they had to learn the hard way. Find out the secrets to their success – and come away with a group of people eager to help you find and succeed on your own path.

Meet with leaders

You will meet with leaders in the corporate world, founders of companies, heads of mentoring organizations. You will come away not just with insights about what these women did to succeed, but tools to help you find your own path at work.

Transform your life

Gain a real insight into how best to succeed as a women in business.

Find mentors who are willing to support you in expanding your network – or providing informal advice when you are at a major crossroads.

Open opportunities for internships or post-grad jobs available to Starfield Alumni.

Locations Offered

New York – look at the heart of commerce and understand how women are making real strides in both established as well as start-up organizations.

Toronto – the Silicon Valley North technology corridor. Find out the amazing innovations and startups founded by solely by women.

VANCOUVER – Vancouver is Canada’s “west coast cool”. With a huge multi-cultural population to leverage and engage, Vancouver presents a different view on women entrepreneurship not often found in other centres.

Topics covered

  • Succeeding in a Corporate Environment
  • Finding a job that really fits
  • Keys to succeeding in a male dominated industry
  • Developing credibility as an entrepreneur
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid

add-on options

Our commitment to you is to provide you with a view of the future and also to provide you with skills and personal insights that you can use right now to build your career.

Depending on the size of the group and demand, we offer relevant workshops that helps students in a variety of skill sets to build their careers. These often include a networking or personal branding workshop.

In addition – most of our trips are to places that have a tourist attraction nearby and often people want to extend their stay to fully take advantage of the cultural aspects of the locations.


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Here are some testimonials from some of our students

Abigail T.

Hi Sharon, i'm Abigail Torres, im from Mexico, I want to thank all of you for the support and empathy what you have shown us. I'm convinced this event "Women in business" is not a typical conference, this is a powerful leader's meeting where we could learn from job...

Andrea T.

Thank you so much!#WomenInBussines• I really appreciate the time anddedication put into the talks given by these great women, every uttered word has been a great motivation to continue to reach our dreams. Personally, at this very moment I am going through a decisive...

Irving G.

Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. The streets had a light dusting of snow and Irving was walking back to his hotel after dinner and had a sudden burst of creativity. This is his testimonial! More great stories about making a difference in peoples...

Anette MR

  To the Gratest business woman I've ever met. My mom once told me "just give it a try, the worst thing that can happen is starting all over again" How far did you go?. I wasn't sure if my life was taking the right course, for a moment I felt really sure and...

Renata D.

It was an awesome and educational experience! Starfield have created a great plan to inform and open the eyes to the youth. I can say that I’m going home really happy.More great stories about making a difference in peoples livesWant to see if these experiences are...

Fernanda R.

Once again - students don't let creativity get in the way of say thank you! Watch the video and we are sure that you will pick up the sheer joy and liberation Fernanda is experiencing. More great stories about making a difference in peoples livesWant to see if these...


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