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Finance Industry- Toronto

Fintech is continuing to impact every aspect of the Finance Industry. Consumer behaviours are changing and the major financial institutions are reacting aggressively. Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum and are poised to create even farther-reaching disruptions.

Come to Toronto for in-depth discussions with banking executives, Fintech founders and experts on the implications of cryptocurrencies to explore what these emerging trends mean for your business and how you might position your firm for the future.

Farming and Food Processing- Ontario

Perhaps more than any other sector, farming is being revolutionized in North America. The farm that your grandfather ran is becoming less viable in today’s world. Understand the advances in agriculture and food processing and their relevance to Mexico. Spend your days listening and meeting with experts from around the world who have convened for a Precision Farming Conference. Visit one of the world’s leading agricultural universities and speak with researchers about emerging trends. Spend your evenings having dinner with experts to explore your specific situation and what the emerging trends mean for you. Our goal is for you to come away understanding where farming and food processing are heading, and where these trends impact your specific situation.

Automotive- Toronto

Not only is technology changing the automotive industry almost faster than it can react, current political realities are also threatening to undermine existing processes and relationships. Leaders at every level of the automotive supply chain need to be prepared to both near-term realities as well as the medium-term transformation that is facing this industry.

Aerospace- Montreal

The global supply chain for aerospace is shifting and this trip explores what aero-
space companies and what they expect as these shifts occur. Montreal Canada is
one of the worlds three leading aerospace hubs along with Seattle and Toulois with
over 200 aerospace firms. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to have
in-depth conversations with both OEMs and suppliers of the aerospace industry in
order to understand both the near and medium-term shifts that are occurring. Our goal is for you to come away with both insights and relationships that help to position
your business for success as the industry adjusts to the challenges affecting global travel.

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