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BlockChain – Silicon Valley North

Enable executives to meet and explore with several FINTECH companies, their perspectives  on how the industry is changing now and in the future. Meet with major banks to understand how large traditional players are responding to the Fintech phenomenon and reinventing themselves.

Circular Economy - Toronto

Explore the challenges, emerging trends and best opportunities influencing a truly Circular Economy. Understand how various sustainable projects, ventures and policies are currently being applied within government and industry.  Meet leaders in the sustainable and Circular Economy ecosystem. Create relationships and synergies to help move some of the world’s most pressing issues forward.

Architecture - Finland

Understand how pedagogy and design are integrated. Meet with award winning architects to understand how they take inspiration and implement it. Experience the impact that state-of-the art design has on student engagement. See examples of some of worlds best designed schools.

Education System Immersion - Finland

Find out the magic of the Finish education system. Separate pedagogical myth from fact and start to grow your professional understanding.

International Relations and Business

In our global world, truly understanding the perspective of other countries is critical. This trip will offer you to explore and debate key issues such as NAFTA with both political and diplomatic leaders. It also offers the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how both the banking industry and some key disruptors are dealing with the changing political landscape.

Montreal - Aerospace Futures

Discover how the supply chain is shifting and what aerospace  suppliers need to do to maintain current market positions. Connect with the Canadian supply chain leaders.

Open Doors to Canada - Toronto

Understand the city of Toronto’s innovation ecosystem as a pioneer in developing entrepreneurial ventures.  Connect with prospective clients, investors, or partners for the participants business projects. 

Create  your own specific business plan within the context of the Canadian business environment.  Work with mentors who are experts in each area of business planning.

Ontario – Vanguard of Education

Get a behind the scenes look at the practices of Canada’s Leading Universities. Explore the innovation ecosystem that contributes to student success. Get an in-depth insight into University / Business Partnerships.

Ontario – The Future of Farming

Perhaps more than any other sector, farming is being revolutionized in North America. The farm that your grandfather ran is becoming less viable in today’s world. Understand the advances in agriculture and food processing and their relevance to Mexico. Spend your days listening and meeting with experts from around the world who have convened for a Precision Farming Conference. Visit one of the world’s leading agricultural universities and speak with researchers about emerging trends. Spend your evenings having dinner with experts to explore your specific situation and what the emerging trends mean for you. Our goal is for you to come away understanding where farming and food processing are heading, and where these trends impact your specific situation.

Toronto – Financial Landscape Changes

Understand the disruption being caused by Fintech and what traditional firms are doing about it. Understand how and why BlockChain is creating the 4’th industrial revolution. Have in-depth conversations with early adopters to understand what they are doing and the value that new technologies are creating for their firms. Develop strategies and initial plans for addressing the changing financial landscape by an expert on BlockChain and digital disruption.

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“….we would like to thank you again for a great experience. The trip to Finland was very enriching for us. Every person we met during the past week had something to teach us. Teaching new generations is an every day challenge and a huge responsibility. Now we have more tools to strengthen…and…help the children develop as citizens and persons.

Julina V. - directora y propietaria - importante escuela primaria - Bogotá Colombia

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