Innovation and Strategy are distinguishing countries such as Germany and England. Visit leading companies in Britain and throughout Europe to un- derstand how they are dealing with the political and innovation changes that are accelerating.

As Financial norms navigate a life more closely connected to oversight than ever before, Washington is becoming more and more critical to those pursuing a financial career. Use this opportunity to get an inside look at the financial mechanisms and relationships between Latin America and the United States, impact investing and international monetary policy and then meet with the press and understand their perspectives on the changes that are happening and coming.

Japan emerged from the ruins of WW II and made itself a world economic power. Discover the brilliance of Japanese business practice and explore how portable those practices are to your environment.

This popular program is designed to help you choose your career. It will introduce you to norms that are leading the disruptions in a variety of industries and then take you to a university to experience both the academic and an entrepreneurial incubator environments. You will then explore your passions and understand what it takes to design and build your own business.

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