To the Gratest business woman I’ve ever met. My mom once told me “just give it a try, the worst thing that can happen is starting all over again”

How far did you go?. I wasn’t sure if my life was taking the right course, for a moment I felt really sure and comfortable with my decision, until I heard your words.

Always! Is the word. I’m sure you see new faces everyday and talk with hundreds of people, but I will always remember you and your inspiring words.

No one else. I remember the feeling of acceptance and courage you helped to achieve, even though I realized I needed to do something else, and to try harder.

K.O. knock out! Literally I felt like I had been punched on the stomach when you talked about the happy and sad list, I realized that even though I love architecture, the way woman develop on the major I’m interested in, is really hard and I don’t see myself working on that at all.

You inspired me. You are right, we all have different opportunities and people we meet in the process are important, I’ll talk to my mentors about it and hopefully they will help me in this urban design major.

Outstanding. I’m sure I’m great on what I do, I have faith on my projects and I’m very grateful for your advice, show what I can do!

Ups! Mistakes are not always negative, we learn from them and help us grown, even achieve new goals.

Thank you Andra Bosneaga.

Anette MR

Student - Business, University of Celaya

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