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Silicon Valley North

The Toronto/Kitchener Waterloo corridor is one of the densest and fastest growing startup regions in the world! It not only includes technology giants like Google, it is dotted with thousands of startups that are disrupting every industry. Meet some of tomorrow’s top companies and get in-depth insights into the realities of being an entrepreneur.

International Relations and Business

In our global world, truly understanding the perspective of other countries is critical. This trip will offer you to explore and debate key issues such as NAFTA with both political and diplomatic leaders. It also offers the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how both the banking industry and some key disruptors are dealing with the changing political landscape.

Global Finance in New York

Connecting and learning from the leaders of the finance world is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in this sink or swim industry. Come to the financial capital of the world. Understand the changes that are affecting the financial sector and are taking the industry by storm. Connect with some of the most influential institutions. Step inside the FinTech startup world and gain a perspective on how the financial sector is going to change very quickly.

Marketing and Communication

Disruption in the digital media world has reached every aspect of marketing and communications. The convergence of marketing and PR is creating numerous new opportunities. Come to “Silicon Valley North” one of the fastest growing startup regions in the world to see and learn about the future of marketing and communications.

Toronto - Organizational Psychology

Happy employees mean happy customers! In this week-long experience to Toronto you will gain a great deal of understanding in the role of human resource as a strategic partner in the management of Human Capital. Also you will have the chance to obtain insights into innovative tools that support the Human Resources function.  Meet top employers and seeing their management in action!

Washington – International Relations

There is no better place to immerse yourself in international relations than the powerful, Washington D.C.!  On this journey you will meet some of the leaders who are changing how change is made in the world.  As well, you will get in-depth insights about the impact financial policy has on some of the world’s biggest issues.

Montreal - Gaming

Montreal, Quebec is a dynamic city exploding with innovation and culture.  See into the future of gaming through a variety of lens. Connect with some of its best known leaders.  You will have a chance to learn how the best got started in the industry and how they stay on top.  Be a part of leading edge of technology turning into cutting edge fun.

Toronto – Financial Policy

Immerse yourself in Financial Policy in Toronto.  During your experience you will learn how regulations are changing to support the demand of the FinTech industry. You will also gain an understanding of how large traditional players are responding to this Fintech phenomenon and ultimately reinventing themselves.

Toronto – Tri-Country Relations

Engage with students from Canada, Mexico and the USA. Tour international relations programs at the University of Toronto and understand how the differences and similarities of the university level programs impact national outlooks

Chicago - Finance

Understand what makes the financial sector in Chicago so important. Discover how the price of commodities set in Chicago influences food on the table in China. Visit some of the key influencers and understand what the key drivers.

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Son agendas de primer nivel que nutren mucho la formación académica y que resultan toda una experiencia formativa para los estudiantes y egresados que buscan experiencias en diferentes países.

Eric Ortega- Director de la carrera de Economía TEC de Monterrey

Ideal para los jóvenes que buscan conocer otras culturas, generar networking y tomar experiencia en el extranjero, aportando lo aprendido a su carrera profesional generando vínculos políticos, económicos y sociales.

Xochitl Pimienta - Directora de Relaciones Internacionales TEC de Monterrey

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