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Silicon Valley North- Dec 2017

The Toronto/Kitchener Waterloo corridor is one of the densest and fastest growing startup regions in the world! It not only includes technology giants like Google, it is dotted with thousands of startups that are disrupting every industry. Meet some of tomorrow’s top companies and get in-depth insights into the realities of being an entrepreneur.

International Relations and Business- Dec 2017

In our global world, truly understanding the perspective of other countries is critical. This trip will offer you to explore and debate key issues such as NAFTA with both political and diplomatic leaders. It also offers the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at how both the banking industry and some key disruptors are dealing with the changing political landscape.

Global Finance in New York- Dec 2017

Connecting and learning from the leaders of the finance world is crucial to stay ahead of the curve in this sink or swim industry. Immerse yourself in understanding how to grow your wall street business.

Marketing and Communication- Dec 2017

Disruption in the digital media world has reached every aspect of marketing and communications. The convergence of marketing and PR is creating numerous new opportunities. Come to “Silicon Valley North” one of the fastest growing startup regions in the world to see and learn about the future of marketing and communications.

The Future of Design- Dec 2017

Explore the world of design in Toronto PLUS get a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit CBC Sports television production studios and meet with the team designing and producing the 2018 Olympics. This visit will not be repeated in the near future so take advantage of this opportunity now.

Westem Sahara- Nov/Dec 2017

Visit the camps that house one of the largest refugee communities in the world. Learn about their history, culture, traditional food, art and ways of living. Listen to their stories and their long road to freedom. Explore the desert and immerse yourself into their day today lives while having an opportunity to make a difference in their community.

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